Thursday, 28 August 2008

Introducing... Campo and Volzy

The first in a series of catch-up posts. Since I last posted anything of note, we've brought in more players - Ben Thatcher, Iván Campo and Moritz Volz. I'll gloss over the former, as I don't like the idea of cheerimg anyone with that surname. Campo was a cult hero at Bolton, for his hairstyle as much as his ability. Primarily a defensive midfielder, he can also play in defence. I'm guessing that's where Jim Magilton will deploy him, as we already have a surfeit of midfielders. But then, that was the case before we signed David Norris...

And today, the club announced the loan signing of West London-based German cycling legend Moritz Volz. Also, a cult hero at Fulham, Volzy is a right back, who can play elsewhere in defence and also in midfield. David Wright with a personality then. Volzy's signing, and Ben Thatcher being given the 33 shirt, suggest that Thatcher is cover, and is aware of it. Not a bad thing. As long as Volzy and Campo can adjust to the quieter Suffolk life, I think they'll both be successes. And Volzy has already suggested swapping his folding pushbike for a tractor. He might be better off swapping his website's theme tune.

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Test message

Opera and Blogger have updated. All looks good. Just trying it out, and if so, I'll be back to rock and roll.

Thursday, 7 August 2008


I've just noticed that since my last post, my hit count has doubled. Watch it stagnate now that I've actually posted something.

And yes, it is easier to post something new than edit it.


Okay, I know I've been a bit neglectful, but blogger's still shite with Opera, and I've been . I'll post a few things over the weekend, especially as it's almost the start of the season.

One bit of news I have had, though, is that I've passed my first year at the Open University - with a higher mark than expected. So, I've either had a few assignments re-marked higher than orginally - or I've blown my previous best score out of the water. Especially as the mark for the year is higher than what I was led to believe was my highest mark for the rest of the year.

Go Me!