Saturday, 27 September 2008

Book one - now available as two books...

And the first package of year two of my OU course has turned up.

The preparation booklet is nice and small, and I'll read that later in the week. There are two DVDs and three CDs are no problem. There is a study guide book, advising which areas you should work on each week - which would have been handy last year. The workbook is about the size of three of last years (and to be honest - it covers the same time spell). The 600 page study book is so big, they've split it into two books. But still called them both "Book 1". On top of that there's a 400 page methods book. And I almost forgot the 80 page booklet about the software you need for the course. Yes, it's big and heavy and daunting and fuck it, it's exciting.

The accompanying letter also told me not to worry if there didn't seem to be enough - the rest arrives in January. Phew, I was kind of thiking 1200 pages of material might not be enough.

I also never told you lot (I need to come up with a name for you guys out there reading this - habiteers sounds good) that I had the score for my last assignment through - and it was 80%. Go me.

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