Thursday, 3 July 2008

Hi, honey, I'm home!

Or rather, to paraphrase the late, great Smash Hits (and when I was a teenager, Smash Hits really was great), I'm back, BACK!, BACK!!!

The knee's back to about 60%, and I can walk a bit, and sit down without it hurting too much now, thanks for asking. There will be a few things coming up over the weekend. I was doing an album review before my hiatus, and I was just thinking about maybe writing something about Ipswich cult hero, and crowd polariser Pablo Couñago. And I'll wrap up my thoughts about Euro 2008, maybe even come up with a team of the tournament, after Sunday's performance, it really should be full of Spaniards, shouldn't it?

And talking about European Championship finals, we're allegedly in talks with the scorer of the winner at Euro 2004 - Angelos Charisteas from Nurnbürg, and I'll say why that would be a "good thing", so you can marvel at it when I'm proved right. Or we can hush it up if he ends up being shit, and smuggled in a van off to Le Havre or Vitesse Arnhem in the January.

And get me, I'm using tildes and umlauts now.

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